Music Madness: CHAPPO

Get Your Groove on at Sunset Tavern!


Who: When a friend of mine told me her brother was in a band coming to town and suggested I check them out, I’ll admit I had my doubts. But after listening to these guys and knowing that the Sunset Tavern booked them with high regard, my ears perked up and my interest peeked – and yours should too! CHAPPO can only be described as a collaboration between four men determined to provide funky rock music to the ever expanding pool of psych-rock listeners. “We’re really looking forward to getting to Seattle for the first time as a full band,” said Chris Olson of CHAPPO. “Both Dave and I grew up across the Puget Sound from Seattle, in Port Orchard.”

CHAPPO began producing songs together in NY, and hit the ground running in theĀ  local indie realm, when a song from their self released EP Plastique Universe titled Come Home aired in an iPod commercial, and was dubbed “an excellently overstuffed garage-psych sound” by Pitchfork. After another independent EP release, and a blur of sets and stages, the boys signed a record deal with Majordomo Records and released their debut album Moonwater in 2012. They’ve toured with indie gem Of Montreal, and have played on stage at festivals like Osheaga in Montreal, Canada and Bonnaroo. They’re headlining a coast to coast tour from Brooklyn to Seattle, and their show at the Sunset might just make you wish these guys would Come Home more often. I recommend checking out their latest track Nothin to Sell You, interestingly weird covers of favs from Jefferson Airplane, Beck and – get this – Kenny Rogers?!

When: Monday April 29th 9:00PM at the Sunset Tavern, $6 tickets

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CHAPPO | Monday April 29th | Sunset Tavern