Not-to-be-missed music on an Oregon farm.

Summer has begun to accelerate at lightning speed, and we suddenly feel that it’s prime time to soak up every sun-kissed moment of the season. If you’re with us, we’d love to strongly urge you—music lovers in particular—to make a really smart move to further enhance your summer. If you don’t yet have plans for next weekend (August 5-7); grab tickets to Pickathon before they’re gone. This gem of a gathering will forever raise your festival-going bar, and that’s not a promise we make lightly.

Get Your Groove on at Sunset Tavern!


Who: When a friend of mine told me her brother was in a band coming to town and suggested I check them out, I’ll admit I had my doubts. But after listening to these guys and knowing that the Sunset Tavern booked them with high regard, my ears perked up and my interest peeked – and yours should too! CHAPPO can only be described as a collaboration between four men determined to