Meatless Mondays: Evergreens

Evergreens salad grand opening: Wednesday 8/21.

This pun-tiful, quirky little salad shop is exactly what downtown Seattle needs. Right in the middle of food court central, Evergreens offers a beautiful variety of fresh, mostly local and organic, and completely delicious salads. Their philosophy on food? It’s a wonderful vehicle to bring people together, and for the most part, it should be left alone. They don’t serve anything processed or pre-packaged – only whole foods prepared right in front of your face (behind the sneeze glass).

Owners, Hunter Brooks and Ryan Suddendorf
Owners, Hunter Brooks and Ryan Suddendorf

I know salad isn’t exactly the most shocking option for a vegan, but Evergreens isn’t a place you go once in a while for a naughty vegan treat. Evergreens is a place you go every day because it’s both tasty and free of ingredients that demand you fall asleep at your desk immediately following your lunch break. They have found the sweet spot of flavor meets health meets there isn’t anything like it for miles. And yes I know there are plenty of places to get a salad, but there aren’t plenty of places that pay attention to detail like these guys do. Just taste one of their many homemade, small batch dressings and you’ll see what I mean – Cilantro Lime and Blueberry Sriracha Vinaigrette were my favorites, in case you were wondering.

Evergreens' "Dooon't Stop... Be Veeegan" Salad
Evergreens’ “Dooon’t Stop… Be Veeegan” Salad

They have one vegan salad on the menu and it more than gets the job done. The Dooon’t Stop… Be Veeegan salad includes kale, quinoa, edamame, carrots, red peppers, and raw almonds finished with their Herbed-Mint Vinaigrette ($8.95). Kale-quinoa salad is one of my personal favorites, but if that doesn’t get your bio diesel motor going, they have a huge list of ingredients you can choose from to create your own. And my favortie part – they dress, toss and chop the entire thing up for you so there are no giant chunks or dry patches, just a healthy dose of well-thought-out flavor combos in every bite.

Evergreens menu
Evergreens Entryway and Menu

Everygreens feels good, tastes good and looks good. It’s obvious that these guys put an incredible amount of thought into every detail, and because of that the entire experience of eating a salad has forever been elevated. No more questionable brown-ish lettuce, no more shocking per-pound prices. Just ridiculously fresh, friendly salads with names that will make you giggle every time you order. I give Evergreens a shining green star and 93 million points – half for the salads and half for the “Call Me Maybe” pun.

Lunch tip: These guys will be delivering to businesses soon! So instead of convincing yourself that the sandwich tray your office ordered will have anything more for you than lettuce and tomato smashed between potentially vegan bread, try suggesting Evergreens.

Evergreens| 823 3rd Avenue, Seattle | 206.973.4400

Photography by Jessica Aceti