Meatless Mondays: Vegan Super Bowl Recipes from Field Roast

These vegan snacks aren’t just tasty, they’re made with real food!

Super Bowl food and vegans are not a classic combination. And most of the naughty football-type vegan food around is made with chemicals and science too complicated for our brains to understand or our bodies to digest. So if you’re not into that kid of thing, but interested in eating more than chips and guacamole all day, have I got the article for you!

Vegan queso, corn-fried frankfurters, burger bites and mini burritos

Our lovely friends at Field Roast have developed a few delicious recipes that will both satisfy and soak up all the celebratory booze. So whether you’re vegan or just looking for an alternative to canned meat chili, these recipes will more than do the job. And the best part? Every ingredient is something you would find in your own kitchen. Go Hawks!

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