Meatless Mondays: Free Vegan Cooking Demos at Whole Foods

Put down those knives, in Vegan Land, we use sporks.

GO Veggie! has partnered with Spork Foods to launch a nationwide tour (#GOVeggieTour) starting with a free 60-minute cooking demo at the Bellevue Whole Foods this Thursday, February 6th at 5:30 pm. Stop by to see how the experts cook with ingredients like vegan cream cheese, slices, shreds and parmesan. Because if you’ve ever tried to make a vegan version of anything, you know, replacing cheese with vegan cheese is NOT as easy as it sounds.

Everyone is welcome: young, old, middle-age, vegan, people who really went to Whole Foods to get a trough of macaroni and cheese from the hot food bar but got distracted by the delicious aromas coming from this cooking demo. Everyone. Stop by, get inspired, take home a goodie bag. Easy peasie veganeasie.

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