Music Madness: John Butler Trio

Be Young & Wild This Valentine’s Day with John Butler Trio 

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Who: The first time I saw John Butler perform, he changed the way I experience live music. Butler put on a free concert outside the CUB at Washington State University. It was a cold evening, and not nearly enough people climbed the hill to see the Australian powerhouse, but those who did were rewarded with an intimate, emotional performance. John Butler is one of few people who can captivate an audience with a five minute acoustic prelude without a single person feeling like they need lyrics. He caressed his guitar with the longest finger nails I’d ever seen, and delighted the crowd by performing the next notes on his guitar entirely by mouth, sans hands. The recently released 6th album Flesh & Blood was recorded with a raw sense of honesty, and urgency as it took just 20 days to come to frution. While the 2010 release of the album April Rising captured a dark chapter for Butler, he has come full circle with Flesh & Blood, and with each track you can hear and sense the warmth of the light at the end of the tunnel. The first single of the album Only One is reminiscent of Butler’s tribute track to his daughter & wife Peaches & Cream, a fresh spin on JBT’s signature traits. He wrote Peaches & Cream after experiencing a euphoric realization; while he felt very passionate about the injustices of the world, he was blessed to have a beautiful wife and healthy newborn, and although it is easy to get caught up in the darkness of the world, there are also wonderful things happening every day. Bring your loved ones, friends and family to the Moore this Valentine’s Day and celebrate all you are thankful for!

Where: The Moore Theatre February 14th doors at 7:00pm

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John Butler Trio | February 14th | Moore Theatre