Ice Cream Mania: Sweet Lo’s

Lauren Wilson hosts an epic ice cream social.

Lauren Wilson loves ice cream and she wants to share her passion with you. Do you love ice cream? If you don’t, we CANNOT be friends. If you do, keep reading (and let’s be friends!) I try not to buy pints because I will eat the entire thing in one serving. Right out of the container. In twenty minutes. It’s not calories if you don’t have to chew, right? Lauren makes ice cream in super small batches without adding any stabilizers or preservatives. She makes all her bases from scratch. And the best part? She even makes vegan and gluten-free flavors.

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Lauren takes requests for flavors not listed on her site, but she has some unique ones already: 12th man (Stumptown coffee with blue and green pound cake), Movie Night (buttered ice cream base, Goobers, Whoppers, and Kit Kats), and Red Velvet. She is friendly and super easy to communicate with, and churns her ice creams to order.

The flavors I ordered were delicious and creamy with deep and rich flavor. There is a 2 quart minimum per order and a $5 delivery charge (ICE CREAM DIRECT TO YOU, HOW CAN YOU RESIST?!)

If you’re curious, but not quite ready to order, check out her ICE CREAM SOCIAL this month where Lauren will be hand scooping her most popular flavors:

DATE: Saturday, April 18th
TIME: 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
PLACE: Pike Place Atrium Kitchen

  • Lemon Bar – Lemon scented ice cream with chunks of homemade lemon bars.
  • Cookies N Cream – Oreo cookies swimming in a luscious sweet cream base.
  • Rocky Road – Dark Chocolate ice cream with toasted walnuts and fluffy marshmallows.
  • Coffee Toffee – Smooth coffee ice cream with pieces of homemade English toffee.
  • Oatmeal Cookie Chunk – Cinnamon brown sugar ice cream with homemade oatmeal cookie pieces and milk chocolate chunks.
  • Munchies – Salted pretzel ice cream with candied potato chips, pretzels, Ritz crackers and whoppers + Kit Kats too!

Buy your tickets here.

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