RECAP: Bumbershoot 2015 Day 3

Photo by Jennifer Liu.
Photo by Jennifer Liu.
Photo by Jennifer Liu.

This annual 3-day event is the top music festival in the Seattle, bringing to town big names and all sorts of other entertainment, including comedy & theatre acts, film and dance. It was sunny and between the low to mid-70’s all day. Day 3 on Labor Day Monday was an all-around wonderful and successful day.

We can’t wait for Bumbershoot 2016! 



A local indie pop group with six members, Heart Beats was our favorite song. Their music is incredibly soothing, using a mix of folk and classical instruments. It makes us want to drink a cup of hot tea, get under a blanket on a comfy couch watching the drizzle outside.

We just downloaded their album off iTunes.



We know we’re going to be in the tiny minority when we say this, but I was told I would melt after hearing his voice live. We did not melt. However, the 25- year old’s talent is apparent with a rich voice, a humble on-stage presence and well-crafted songs.

The crowd went absolutely wild when he sang Take Me To Church.



We definitely like some of her popular hits–they are catchy and she has a unique voice, but we didn’t think we’d be swooning when we watched her performance at Memorial Stadium. Her voice is even more nuanced and beautiful live. She was also more gorgeous in person and seemed super genuine with her fans.

We will definitely buy tickets to her show next time she’s in town.



His performance was indicative of his laid back style as he shared stories between songs and expressed his appreciation for his fans and of Bumbershoot. He drew a diverse crowd of all-ages as he sat in his chair, at times playing his guitar on his lap. Ben Harper has this soulful voice that is optimistic, yet has an aggressively reggae style. Our favorites were Diamonds on the Inside and Burn One Down.


Wow! If Bridget is going for “unforgettable,” she certainly achieved that. We don’t think we will soon forget her flashing, humping, and undressing in front of the audience anytime soon. Along with singing original songs with lyrics including, “I’m gonna f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck you up!” and calling out audience members, she is nothing we’d ever seen before. Bridget’s cabaret comedy act is a train wreck/hot mess situation where you want to—but can’t seem to—look away from.

Here’s a sample of one of her songs or watch her feature on Amy Shumer’s show.



This indoor dance party at the EMP’s Sky Church was super fun! Upon entering, you receive a pair of wireless headphones that gives you the capability to toggle between the two DJ’s spinning on-stage AND adjust the volume (this is perfect for people who think concerts are generally way too loud). When you take off the headphones, you see everyone dancing in silence.

Is this a going to be a thing? If not, it totally should be.

Bumbershoot Festival                  |                Seattle Center             |             September 5-7, 2015