Brew Barons: Road Dogs Brewery Tour

Lively, entertaining tours for beer enthusiasts (and non-enthusiasts too)!

Feel like having a quirky and knowledgeable DD for your next taproom-hopping adventure? Would you like to meet new beers with your newest friends? Do you want to check off three breweries from your bucket list? Then get your buns with these dogs! In this edition of Brew Barons, we hopped on a Road Dogs Tours van for a brewery tour around Seattle. 

Our sweet ride.

Dogs offers coffee, distillery, and brewery tours for some of Seattle’s new tasting rooms including Sound Spirits, Three Howls, Fremont Brewing, Schooner Exact Brewing, and many more! Our tour took us to Fremont to sample Hale’s Ales, Hilliard’s Beer, and Bad Jimmy. Our guide and driver, Jason, is quite the character to boot. He took free reign of the breweries and gave us a breakdown of the beer making process by pointing out the system in place at Hale’s, showing us the difference in regular, dark roasted, and malted barley at Hilliard’s, and the man-cave atmosphere of Bad Jimmy’s. 

When booking your brewery tour, here is some information to consider:

  • Tickets: $79 per person for standard tours
  • Private tours: $575 for a guide and van for your party on a customized tour

Included in your tour:

  • Transportation to/from pick-up and drop-off point to three breweries
  • Numerous samples at each location
  • Knowledge about the beer-making process
  • Road Dogs t-shirt
  • Road Dogs pint glass

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Our guides making sure everyone was able to taste all the beers.

The tour can be tailored! When booking, you may request to go (or not go) to particular breweries on the list! Our favorites are marked with a (*), but we haven’t tried all of them yet. Be adventurous and try new spots! Leave us a comment if there’s one you think we need to check out. 

  • Bad Jimmy’s Brewing
  • Big Al Brewing
  • Fremont Brewing*
  • Georgetown Brewing
  • Hale’s Ales Brewery*
  • Hilliard’s Beer*
  • Mac & Jack’s Brewing
  • Machine House Brewing
  • Outlander Brewing
  • Populuxe Brewing
  • Pyramid Brewery
  • Seapine Brewing
  • Schooner Exact Brewing*
  • Stoup Brewing
  • Two Beers Brewing

OUR EXPERIENCE: Overall, a really great experience for those curious about the making of beer, those who want to see the city, and as an activity for out-of-town visitors looking for a fun time with goofy and friendly people. At the end of the tour, we each got to take home a t-shirt and souvenir pint glass! We’d definitely recommend this!

FullSizeRender (1)
Explaining the fermentation process.

Photos by Jered Perez & Kelsey Uy.

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