Burlesque Boss: A Wild Night at The Can Can With Johnny Boy

Flap your tail feathers with Johnny Boy and the Flamingo cast at the Can Can

Photo courtesy of the Can Can

As this is not the first time I’ve raved about a Seattle burlesque show,  you might find it surprising that I’ve never made my way over to the Can Can. The ever popular haunt deep in the belly of Pike Place market has always been on my list of Seattle must sees, and I’m happy to report their performance did not disappoint.

I’ll admit I wasn’t excited about the Flamingo synopsis before attending – the idea of another hokey Grease mash up seemed like a yawn (you can’t fuck with John Travolta- please stop trying). However, there were zero yawns at this show – mostly open mouth gawking and excited seal clapping. Watching host and Can Can dancer Johnny Boy effortlessly command the stage in clear platform stilettos, and another rugged specimen saunter around in a rubber ducky strap on was absolutely delightful. Johnny Boy wasn’t always King of the burlesque babes though. “I started as a janitor eight years ago, and then worked my way up as a bartender and eventually part owner,” he said. “This is our second year doing the Flamingo show, and it’s continued to grow in popularity and we’re excited to continue to perfect the show.” Johnny is involved in everything from choreography to costumes and his sarcastic style of hosting is quite refreshing from the boring banter you’re used to seeing in between sets.

The Can Can stage (and entire venue really) is no bigger than your college dorm room, allowing you to get chummy with your neighboring patrons – and several will be brought up on stage to strut around, receive a little lap dance and even help Johnny do a quick wardrobe change. The catwalk  goes straight down the middle of the crowd and they utilize every inch of it, meaning there’s not a bad (or dry) seat in the house. So who’s in the crowd? Bachelorette parties; nearly the entire attendee list was full of ladies celebrating their last hurrah with nipple tassels, stiff drinks and surprisingly tasteful cabaret.

The vibrant costumes, candor of the cast and intimacy of the Can Can make for a really fun night out with the ladies or entertaining way to spice up your date night. Go check out the Flamingo show now through the fall, or wait until the holiday season and catch their fun Christmas burlesque show. If you’re an avid bruncher, the Can Can has also just started weekend brunch shows (amazing!), so you can have a side of T&A with your biscuits & gravy. Your welcome.

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