Olo’s Dishes Celebrate Life in Victoria, BC Using Locally Sourced and Seasonal Ingredients

Photo by Lyndsey Eden.

Victoria is so much more than the last time you visited as a kid. Now, there’s gourmet food and desserts to taste, festivals and museums to enjoy, and an abundance of outdoor activities to explore. Our hotel, Magnolia Hotel & Spa, suggested Olo and we weren’t disappointed. Olo is doing things right and was a delightful dining experience. Executive Chef & Co-Owner Brad Holmes buys farm-fresh ingredients from producers on Vancouver Island. He understands the importance of sourcing locally and pushes the envelope by bringing seasonal and regional ingredients to Olo’s menu.

Photo by Lyndsey Eden.
Photo by Lyndsey Eden.

Co-owner Sahara Tamarin has great energy and passion that flows through all the staff at Olo. They are friendly and attentive in a genuine and approachable way. The atmosphere is simple and casual, yet stylish. You’ll feel comfortable if you come in with your everyday attire or if you dress up.

We ordered the Five Course Kitchen Menu for $55 per person, showcasing the kitchen’s favorite dishes. There is also a Vegetarian or Vegan option for $45.

We were blown away by this meal. Olo rivals some of the top restaurants in Seattle. Chef Brad curates a menu of really delicious food. Each dish was thoughtfully created, with different textures, colors, and vibrant flavors. The courses were paced beautifully and we left feeling satisfied, but not stuffed.

The Alder Smoked Salmon melts in your mouth—with sweet roasted beets, yogurt, and pickled onion. Easily the best smoked salmon I’ve had and also a great preparation of the beets. The dirt taste was extracted and only an earthly sweetness remained. The Chickpea “Party” with white beans, zucchini, and a delicious charmoula sauce was also a highlight. Every bite revealed different flavors and textures and the slight smoky and herbaceous sauce tied it all together. It was fun to eat.

Alder smoked salmon with roasted beets. Photo by Jennifer Liu.

Dessert was superb. The brownie dense chocolate cake concoction with housemade salted caramel ice cream was a dish I was tempted to order seconds of and the perfect ending to a fantastic meal. We will definitely return next time we’re in Victoria.

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Chocolate cake with housemade ice cream. Photo by Jennifer Liu.
Chocolate cake with housemade ice cream. Photo by Jennifer Liu.

OLO recently introduced a new daytime menu (lunch and brunch) and it’s been popular. Hearty breakfast dishes such as Green Things & Eggs with organic poached eggs, sunflower seeds, green vegetables and salsa verde ($14) or the breakfast sandwich with egg patty, kimchi ketchup, ham, cheddar, lettuce and roesti ($14). Also on the menu is handmade pasta, a Dry Aged Cheese Burger, Indonesian Fried Rice, Steak & Eggs, and that amazing smoked wild salmon.

Brunch and lunch reservations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Olo       |    509 Fisgard St., Victoria    |   (250) 590-8795