World’s largest sustainable fashion event in Seattle November 1-4

Ellen Legro. Photo by Peter Jensen.

Eco Fashion Week launches 11th edition of innovative sustainable fashion

The world’s first and largest sustainable fashion event is set to launch its 11th edition across international borders in Seattle, Washington this November 1-4. A growing not-for-profit organization, Eco Fashion Week (EFW), has presented 10 successful editions in Vancouver, Canada and is proud to launch its 11th edition, continuing its mission to raise global awareness for a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable fashion industry.

Laude collection. Photo by Peter Jensen.
Laudae collection. Photo by Peter Jensen.

From runway shows, to industry panels, EFW addresses the ethics of the fashion industry while proposing tangible steps towards closing the loop. This November, runway shows will feature designers from Indonesia, Australia, Portland, New York, Vancouver and of course, Seattle.

This edition will feature two full nights of runway shows and showroom, taking place Tuesday and Wednesday, November 2nd and 3rd, and industry panel on November 4th.

Value Village Presents: Runway Reimagined: Project 8.1

November 3rd, 8:00pm, CANVAS, SODO

Our longtime partner, Value Village, based in the Puget Sound area, is excited to launch a new challenge which explores and illustrates unnecessary textile waste and urges conscious consumption: Rethink Reuse.

North Americans produce 81 pounds of textile waste per year; this astounding number inspired the 81 Pound Challenge, asking designers to transform 81 pounds of unsold textiles into a full runway-ready collection, which Value Village has presented for 6 editions. This edition, 10 stylists and designers, will showcase runway looks from 8.1lbs of clothing and textiles from Value Village- collectively illustrating 81 pounds of textile waste. Runway Reimaged: Project 8.1 will showcase stylists and designers from many corners of the Pacific Northwest, with a focus on local Seattle talent.

Rachelle Louise Love. Photo by Gianluca Cescon.
Rachelle Louise Love collection. Photo by Gianluca Cescon.

Value Village Presents: EFW Collective Conversation

November 4th, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, Impact HUB Seattle

Eco Fashion Week’s Collective Conversation is a day of open dialogue to provide information on the challenges, opportunities and innovations facing the sustainability of the garment and textile industry.

The event will feature a keynote from Sass Brown, author and acting associate dean for the School of Art and Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Additionally, Value Village will present key findings from their first-ever State of Reuse Report, which examined the motivators and barriers to reuse.

Ellen Legro. Photo by Peter Jensen.
Ellen Legro collection. Photo by Peter Jensen.

Three panel discussions will explore:

  1. Innovations and solutions for the future of the industry
    Moderator: Alison Morrow, King 5 Environmental Reporter
  2. How to build a community of conscious shoppers and methods for communicating sustainability initiatives.
    Moderator: Eve Andrews, Grist Editor
  3. How to drive real and lasting behavior change through reuse and recycling practices
    Moderator: Tony Shumpert, Savers/Value Village, VP Recycling and Reuse

Participants include industry leaders from EVRNU, Nube9, Threadcycle,Botanical Colors, Green Eileen, Recycle Runway, bluesign, SMART and Seattle Made.

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Abel collection. Photo by Peter Jensen.
Abel collection. Photo by Peter Jensen.

Eco Fashion Week          |         November 1-4, 2016