Brian Clevenger’s Le Messe Now Open

Executive Chef and Restaurateur Brian Clevenger’s newest restaurant – Le Messe – opened in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood on January 25th, and it’s already making a name for itself. Staying true to what Clevenger is known for at Vendemmia, Raccolto, and East Anchor Seafood, the full service restaurant and bar features an assortment of house extruded pastas, fresh local vegetables, and a variety of seafood dishes. Le Messe’s diverse menu centers on Pacific Northwest ingredients and changes with the seasons.  

Photo by Le Messe.

The space seats 50 and boasts a no reservation chefs counter offering the full menu, as well as additional daily selections such as fresh buratta, crudos, and made to order mozzarella. Guests can watch as their dinner is prepared while enjoying a drink. Le Messe’s extensive bar program features handcrafted signature cocktails highlighting spirits from local distilleries and around the world and a substantial wine list that features a number of Italian, French and Pacific Northwest varietals.

“I lived on Eastlake for five years and loved it. It’s such a great neighborhood that’s growing quickly but still a tight knit community in the heart of downtown – which is unique given the growth of our city,” said Chef and Owner Brian Clevenger. “We’re super excited to be able to open a space that embraces that neighborhood vibe, and are looking forward to sharing our food and drinks with a new community.”

Photo by Le Messe.

During our visit to Le Messe, we asked our server to bring us a variety of items from the menu that would paint a holistic picture of what Brian is trying to accomplish with his newest venture. After tasting the Albacore Tuna, Lamb Meatballs, Roasted Carrots, Tagliatelle with Dungeness Crab, and the King Salmon, it is clear that everything prepared in Le Messe’s kitchen is chosen with intention.

Brian’s attention to the details can be tasted in the quality of his ingredients and the way his dishes are prepared and served. At Le Messe pasta is not intended to be a meal in itself, but rather a course that comes part way through your meal that is to be shared with the table. By opting for quality over quantity in his pasta sauces, he allows the fresh housemade pasta to be the focus of the dish. The partnership with his fiancée, who owns a seafood company, ensures the quality of his seafood is always top notch.

The restaurant is open daily from 5:00 – 10:00pm, with a large happy hour offering at the 24-seat bar from 5:00 -6:00pm and 9:00-10:00pm. An outdoor patio that seats 30 will open late this spring and offer al fresco dining when weather permits.

Le Messe        |     1823 Eastlake Ave E., Seattle    |       (206) 402 – 6106