Market Fresh fruit is offering complimentary tulips for Administrative Assistant’s Day

Given Seattle’s fast pace of life and daily commutes, work stress can sometimes take a toll. A simple way to combat daily stressors is by snacking healthy! Market Fresh Fruit, Seattle’s office curated fresh fruit delivery service is on a mission to reinvent the way we snack at work.

The best part about this is that fresh fruit doesn’t need any prep—just wash and you’re ready to enjoy a tasty, nourishing snack. Think delicious berries, ripe oranges, juicy grapes, crisp apples, sweet dates, bananas, and other seasonal fruit. You can expect some fresh, snackable veggies like carrots or cherry tomatoes also!

An office requires a lot of hard work for smooth functioning, and office assistants play a huge role in it. In honor of Administrative Assistant’s Day on Wednesday, April 24, each office delivery from Market Fresh Fruit during this week will include a surprising delight of Pacific Northwest grown tulips! Want to keep your office team energized and well-nourished? Let Market Fresh Fruit do the heavy lifting! This Seattle based business is all about a farm to table, or in this case, farm to desk approach.

It is a family-run business and owner Tom O’Connor personally handpicks and taste-tests fresh fruit to be delivered from local farms to cubicles around the Puget Sound. We spoke to Tom about the story behind his business, and how he personally curates boxes of farm-fresh fruit…

Seattleite: Can you tell us about the history behind Market Fresh Fruit?

Market Fresh Fruit was created to help companies reimagine office snacks. We are investing in helping companies of all sizes realize the health and business benefits that result by building wellness practices for their employees. Research shows healthy employees increase productivity and ultimately revenue.

Market Fresh Fruit realized an opportunity to help companies was to offer whole, fresh fruits that are curated for office teams of all sizes. The process starts at Pike Place Market, as Market Fresh Fruit Owner Tom O’Connor, personally taste tests and curates all fruit deliveries. Orders are placed to local farms, picked to perfect ripeness and then delivered straight to your desk. It’s what Market Fresh Fruit calls, farm-to-desk!

Seattleite: How is a typical Market fresh fruit box curated?

Each week I shop at Pike Place Market, visiting with my past co-workers for their insights and to taste-test many fruit varieties to find the best fruits at their peak ripeness. Then, I go upstream to the grower or packer where I conduct a second taste test, which no other office fruit delivery service does. We then package up to five different varieties of fruit per week. Each office fruit delivery varies week-to-week and by season.

Seattleite: What is the thought behind collaborating with corporate offices? How has the response been so far?

Each week we deliver more than 6,000 pounds of fruit to 180 offices throughout Seattle and the Eastside, and all the way north to Everett and south to the Kent Valley. Our customers love their office curated fruit deliveries, both for its quality and variety.

Our fall/winter offerings include up to seven different apple varieties, five citruses, six pears, various berries, dates, kiwi, etc. Our typical summer selection focuses on pluot cultivars (Dinosaur Egg, Honeysuckle Rose, Mango Tango, Raspberry Jewel, Flavor Grenade, Flavorich and Flavor Heart), local cherries (Bing, Lapin, Sweetheart and Rainier), grapes (Sugraone green and/or Globe red), “Sunburst” cherry tomatoes, baby carrots and more. Apples and bananas are included year-round.

Some of our weekly office customers include Amazon, Uber, Microsoft, Reach Now, Seattle Genetics, Juno Therapeutics, Eddie Bauer Corporation, eBay, Expedia, F5, and The Riveter.