Thompson Seattle’s Conversation inviting us to put our phones down opens May 8

The Thompson in Downtown Seattle. Photo credit: Nic Lehoux.

Calling you to shrug off your rain-soaked jacket and keep your phone in your pocket, Conversation in hotel Thompson Seattle offers an oasis from our busy tech-filled daily lives.Food has always been my favorite reason to gather a group of people together. The connections formed and conversation that easily flows around a plate of food is unmatched by anything else. 

I love the concept that Executive Chef Derek Simcik and his team have built Conversation around—an environment where human connection takes priority. Inspired by Chef Derek’s extensive international travels as a child, the menus at Conversation offer plenty to talk about.

From oysters with sweet and spicy pearls (read, kimchi dippin’ dots), to freeze-dried foie gras, to a split pig head, Conversation’s menu invites you to explore a reflection of the foods Chef Derek’s family enjoyed together while abroad.

Chef Derek is striving to create beautiful dishes that are a melting pot of flavors, techniques, and ingredients from his time at home and abroad. He seeks to showcase “knowing where we came from to know where we are going” using a combination of classic and modern techniques. 

Adding a sweet touch are Chef Kate Sigel’s pastries and desserts. She believes that desserts are meant to hold a sense of nostalgia, while also evoking a sense of curiosity and discovery. She so elegantly displays this in her fudgesicle. Reminiscent of days with chocolate dripping down your arm as you enjoy a cold fudgesicle, this dessert brings in new flavors with black truffle undertones.

Vying for its spot as most fun item on the menu, is the london fog dessert. When it comes to the table, it appears to be a large puff of cotton candy (fog), but a vanilla bean milky pour-over will dissipate the fog and reveal the dessert underneath; earl gray mousse, lemon oat streusel, and lemon ice cream. Invoking a sense of discovery, Kate designed this dessert so that it evolves as it’s eaten.

“I am so proud and inspired by our team and their passion for hospitality and culinary excellence,” said Thompson Seattle General Manager, Amanda Parsons. “The experience we hope to provide at Conversation centers around the idea that life’s most meaningful moments happen over the dinner table.”

I am looking forward to bringing many friends to Conversation after they open their doors on May 8th. Open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Friday, and 8:00 am to 10:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday, Conversation offers plenty of time for you to stop in and enjoy a meal.

Conversation         |          110 Stewart Street, Seattle        |          (206) 623 – 4600