Celebrating The Year Of The Ox With Chateau Ste. Michelle

Photo credit: Chateau Ste Michelle

Lunar New Year came and went on February 12, 2021, so we’re a little bit late, but the year of the ox lasts until Jan 31st, 2022, according to the Chinese calendar, so there’s still time to celebrate! There’s no better way to commemorate the new year than with some delicious dumplings, noodles and of course, wine. We hope this year brings love and luck to everyone!

If you’re like us, you like to step out (safely) but also love to stay in and unwind. Let’s face it—if we had our way, we’d be sipping fine Washington wine with great local Asian takeout all the time, and Lunar New year gives us just the perfect excuse. Cheers to friendships, relationships and love and on that note, here are some Lunar New Year Wines from Chateau Ste Michelle + Chinese Food Pairings to enjoy with your loved ones all year long….

We love how Chateau Ste. Michelle, one of our favorite Washington wineries is all about celebrating diverse experiences and global festivals. We had such a ball at their Private Cabana experience last fall. Check out their wonderful experiences here —you can sip an evening away in a stunning private igloo or enjoy a mimosa-fueled brunch on their expansive patio.

Celebrate the new year with homemade mandarin-style wontons from Setolicious. Available for delivery only, each wonton kit arrives at your doorstep with everything you need for an authentic experience at home. Riesling pairs well with virtually every Chinese style of food, but especially will complement the richness of the Setolicious wontons.

“Eroica Riesling and Chinese food are made for each other. When paired with wontons or dumplings, the crispness of the wine helps balance the richness of the meat and dough. Eroica also has a hint of sweetness which plays well if the wontons have a spicy kick or even if they’re tangy from ingredients like rice wine vinegar.” —David Rosenthal, Head White Winemaker

Two staples that can’t disappoint for an amazing take out experience. Pair Chateau Ste. Michelle’s famed rosé with a dish from the ever-popular and longstanding International District restaurant, Jade Garden.

“Our Columbia Valley Rosé is so versatile! You can enjoy with a variety of noodle dishes like chow mein, chow fun, vermicelli or fried rice; as the lively acidity will cut through any richness. Another great match for the fruit character in our rose is any dish with sweet chili stir fry sauce. The hints of sweetness in the sauce will play beautifully with the juicy fruit and fresh palate of this wine.” —Lacey Steffey, Assistant Traveling Winemaker

For another tasty Chinese dish, try takeout or delivery from Judy Fu’s Szechuan style cooking at Snappy Dragon. Snappy Dragon’s wide selection of Mu Shu pork dishes and spicy sweet specialties will stand up well to a bold red like Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Indian Wells Cabernet.

“Indian Wells Cabernet with its decadent fruit flavors, lower acidity and velvety smooth nature pairs perfectly with Chinese style dishes that feature a combination of sweet, salty and spicy like Char Sui pork or barbecue spare ribs. From the iconic combo of mild, earthy vegetables and thick, fragrant Hoisin sauce in Mu Shu pork, to the mouthwatering and classic richness of Shanghai noodles (Cu Chao Mian), and any dish incorporating the bold flavors of black bean sauce, don’t be afraid to explore.”  —Brian Mackey, Head Red Winemaker at Chateau Ste. Michelle