Time spent on the Oregon Coast during the winter months might seem like a bad idea, but after four days being tested at America’s #1 golfing destination, Jon Meyer can’t imagine it any other way.

For the most dedicated, golf is a spiritual experience. It’s a dance featuring rhythm and an ever-changing environment full of uncontrollable obstacles. Faith is required. Physical and mental stamina is necessary to succeed. One can practice all they like in the basement or office, but when it comes down to it, a church (golf course) is needed to fulfill the golfer’s fate, and right now, there’s only one place that can truly answer the calling — Bandon Dunes.

Still searching for that perfect Valentine’s gift idea? Opt for a romantic getaway – spa treatments included, of course.

I’ve never much been a fan of romance. It usually feels so forced. And relaxation? I’ll opt for the back-cracking beatdown of a Thai massage over its soothing Swedish counterpart any day. And when my yoga instructor asks us to “clear our minds and relax”? That’s when I get my mental to do list sorted for the day.

Add these sky-high destinations to your romantic travel list.

Although we’re still in the middle of winter, we can at least start planning our romantic weekend getaways or multi-week getaways today. Whether you are planning to travel to a new city or already have these exotic destinations on your future travel list, rooftop bars are a must-stop sightseeing destination to add to your itinerary.

Had enough of this chilly weather? Getting that end-of-season urge to hit the links? We’re here to help. The Courses at The Resort at The Mountain in Mt. Hood has announced its lineup of 2011 golf events, each providing special perks ranging from free rounds of golf to proceeds benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure to all you can eat fresh Dungeness crab and steamers. Don’t worry, there’s enough to keep you busy long through the fall.

Forget the diet and treat yourself to Napa Valley’s finest this February.

We love staying, playing and dining in Yountville. Our wallets, though? Not so much. This Napa Valley enclave of Michelin star restaurants and posh resorts can be cha-ching. Yet through February 28, in a “Moveable Feast” promotion, many of the town’s businesses have joined together to offer discounts reaching up to 50 percent off for resort packages, multi-course restaurant meals and wine tastings.