Seattleite and Barneys NY makeup Stylist Melissa Korn offers some simple tips and tricks to master the complexion.

Some say it’s frivolous, some say it’s mandatory, we say it’s magic. Whatever your personal feelings are when it comes to makeup and how it makes you feel, nobody can deny its impact. When done correctly, eyes brighten, bags vanish, tired complexions glow and your smile is the first thing people see. When applied incorrectly, flaws seem only to magnify.

Here are some time-tested, Makeup-Artist approved tips to ensuring your makeup routine is putting your best face forward.

Perfume shopping can be a daunting process – we’re here to help.

Forget the scantily clad magazine ads or the seductive strip-tease commercials featuring Hollywood A (and D) Listers. Selecting the perfect scent has little to do with successful marketing campaigns and more to do with our individual scent chemistry. A perfume that’s alluringly sensual on one person may smell like dirty socks and Aquanet on another.