A Belltown cafe that brings regional products to Seattleite patrons.

Anchoring the middle stretch of 1st Avenue in Belltown, Local 360 is a central feature in the city’s movement towards locally-sourced cuisine. The number has meaning — the majority of products served at the eater come from within 400 miles of the city, booze included. All this makes for a tasty menu, and a downright steal when it comes to Happy Hour — though I’m sure the restaurant properly procures their goods.

This cool, cozy Eastlake watering hole offers drink specials that will blow you away.

If it’s good (and cheap) enough for last week’s “Seattleite” staff meeting, Cicchetti is certainly worthy of your happy hour radar. Tucked beside sister restaurant Serafina on Eastlake Avenue, Cicchetti’s hip atmosphere, attentive staff and palette-perking food and cocktails are enough to make anyone

Hotter than buffalo sauce, cooler than celery and ranch dressing.

Right now, sports fans can enjoy the MLB play-offs (the Mariners are still in it, right?) and the NFL regular season — and where you watch the game is just as important as the outcome. Depending on how superstitious you are, one place might have strategic advantages over another. Amongst this uncertainty, your game will be on at The Wing Dome. The food is great, and you always need a

This Westlake hangout offers mouth-watering bites and fine wine for half the price.

What’s packed every afternoon at 4 o’clock, has an easily accessible location, and wants to give you everything — including half a bottle of wine — for half the price? There are plenty of punchline opportunities here, but I’m talking about Barolo Ristorante — Westlake Avenue’s cure for the

Queen Anne’s hotspot for mouth-watering Mexican cuisine — for breakfast.

I’ve found that there aren’t many breakfasts worth the trip to another borough. The Seattle food scene is fantastic, in that each locale around the city has satisfying offerings when it comes to the morning’s basics of dairy and proteins. However (and you knew that was coming), there is one place that stands alone (and has a happy hour no less) when it comes to the morning meal, – Peso’s.