Chef Mark Bodinet brings a wealth of experience (and personal touches) to the table.

With all the buzz surrounding the new restaurants opening on Capitol Hill or downtown every other week, we tend to neglect the perimeters of our city in terms of dining choices. This is probably why many of you have never heard of a little place called Copperleaf Restaurant inside the Cedarbrook Lodge hotel, located moments — yet, a world — away from Seatac Airport.

A sweet, chilly kick to help you hurdle the holiday hump.

The holidays are coming — and with them, my thoughts turn to the boozy confections I’ll make to stay relatively pain-free through the season. I like the idea of concocting beverages that are deceptively guilt-free, and what could be more innocent than a root beer float? Never mind the fact that the recipe uses Root liquor with the same potency of bourbon — if you won’t tell, I won’t.

For a sexy date, order some room service to remember.

Looking for a sexy date place to take the wife this weekend, but sick of the same old “dinner and a movie?” Consider dining out-but-in, and make a night of it at The Heathman Hotel in Kirkland. Through next week, the hotel offers an exclusive stay in their “Room for the Cure” — without a doubt the most colorful suite in town. The best part:

Your guide to the party of the season that promises something for everyone.

Close your eyes for a moment and forget that you’re in a casino located next to an outlet mall just off the raging freeway. Put the glass of wine to your lips and experience a toasty, caramel swallow of well-aged Abacus as it drenches your palate like a lover’s tongue. Even if you are a white wine hater, sidle up to

Attend a modernist feast with a hot, L.A.-based chef.

Sexy is practically synonymous with clandestine, and pHeast is everything an underground supper club strives to be. Based in Los Angeles, pHeast is the ultimate subterranean dinner experience. For one night only — Saturday, Oct. 15 at 7 p.m. — the group will descend upon Seattle for a dinner, “Ten Emeralds in a Chartreuse Setting.”

A hot and steamy java event you don’t want to miss.

When I think about sexy food that is synonymous with Seattle, I’m sure I’m not alone in conjuring images of espresso machines steaming up the windows of one of our many local coffee shops. If coffee gets you in the mood for love, be prepared for a whole lotta foreplay this weekend during Seattle’s own Coffee Fest at the Washington State Convention Center.