It’s OMG goodness at this U District piezon eatery.

Charming couple Darcy and Charles run Vegan Pizza Pi in the University District. With their extensive menu and impressive combinations, I now refer to them as the “Vegan People Pleasers.” Surprisingly, you won’t find the word “tofu” anywhere on their menu. These VPPs are here to make you happy in fun and interesting ways.

This greasy spoon transforms American favorites into vegan-friendly dishes.

Located in the northern part of the U. District, Wayward Vegan Cafe accepts people of all dietary backgrounds — and encourages them to sit next to each other when times get busy. Seriously, get cozy. This vegan greasy spoon is especially crowded on the weekends, when hungry visitors crave generous portions for breakfast and lunch.

Capitol Hill’s vegetarian noodle bistro offers a variety of vegan-friendly dishes.

As an “opportunistic vegan,” I always look for new vegan spots to hit up in Seattle. Our town has long been known for its underground slew of conscious eaters. As a result, a number of Seatown eateries offer vegan options – or, in some cases, full menus. Non-vegans don’t have to worry, though — vegans know how to dance with this thing called flavor.