Sexy Food: One-On-One With Keren Brown

Keren Brown picks Matt's in the Market as the best date spot.

An interview with the author of “Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle.”

A fresh-off-the-press book landed in my lap this week that I have to share with you. It contains secrets within that will spice up an ailing love life — or possibly even get you laid — through the glorious means of food. It’s called the “Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle” and the author is Keren Brown, a woman Martha Stewart herself calls a “doer.”

I had the privilege of interviewing Keren about the book — and let me tell you, this woman knows how to choose a location that will guarantee at least third base canoodling. Plus, she’s got some aces up her sleeve worthy of a home run.

Seattleite: You know the third date is loaded because it’s supposed to end well, if you know what I mean. If you were to recommend a romantic dining spot for a third date, where would you suggest?

Keren Brown: I would take them to The Inn at Langley. The Inn puts on an unforgettable dinner and Matt Costello is a brilliant chef. It’s very unique. You get to take a romantic ferry ride and Matt’s style of modernist cuisine with northwest ingredients paves the way for an eventful night. Also it’s an incredible place to stay since you can gaze out at the water directly from your jacuzzi tub, which would put anyone in the mood.

The Inn at Langley

S: You’ve been invited to a sophisticated dinner party. You don’t know anyone but the hostess. However, you told her you would bring a selection of sweets. Help!

KB: I would pick up desserts from the Minoo Bakery, which has Persian delicacies like baklava with pistachio, rose water and cardamom, or naan e nokochi, which is a flower-shaped chickpea cookie dipped in chocolate that melts in your mouth. It’s great that you can choose from anything and it’s relatively inexpensive. You can write down the names of the cookies and share them as a great conversation starter once you’re at the party. People will be wooed by the exotic and sexy sweets.

Photo: Minoo Bakery

S: Let’s say you clicked with someone during a steamy 30-second speed dating encounter and she has agreed to meet you for lunch. A lot is hinging on this because it seals the deal on whether she will go out with you again. What is a good place to bring her?

KB: You want to find a place that’s creative and good but doesn’t make you look like you tried too hard. I would snag a window seat or pull up a barstool at Matt’s in the Market — that way, you can overlook the Pike Place Market which has a lot of bustling activity to “stimulate” your conversation and has a quality of casual romance without being over-the-top. Be sure to order the pork belly confit — it’s decadent enough to guarantee a second date.

Matt's in the Market

S: You’ve been married for a while and you’re starting to get the seven-year-itch. You’re worried that your husband’s recent convertible purchase means he’s got a girl on the side. You want to spice things up so you sent the kids to grandma’s for the night and you want to take your husband somewhere besides the usual suspects since he always feels uncomfortable in fancy places. Where would you go?

KB: Head to Meskel, which is an Ethiopian gem that has an intimate outdoor patio. Use your fingers to feed each other tantalizing bites of food, since there are no forks allowed. Then when you get home, your fingers will be limber for a long, wandering night. Added bonus: order the Ethiopian spice tea which may have aphrodisiacal qualities and will contribute to that finger workout — and I hope, a whole lot more.