Meatless Mondays: Flying Apron

Macaroni and Chez

A tasty gluten-free, vegan and organic eatery in Fremont.

No need to keep you waiting, let’s get right to it with Flying Apron’s shining stars: its pastries. I didn’t try all the goodies on their loooong list of sweets, but the ones that graced my lips were tasty.

The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie is a crumbly dream of peanut butter, brown rice flour and dark chocolate. One bite of this and Ooooh, dust your shoulders off! The same amount of sugar and peanut morsels that twinkle on your shirt will make it in your mouth. So tasty, you’ll be picking at yourself like a monkey.

The opposite texture of the PBCCC, the PB Joy is like a greedy schizophrenic truffle. This coconut-dusted ball is one heavy motha so don’t try to take it all in one bite. It’s filling and rich with peanut butter, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, raisins, oats and chocolate. Their muffins and cupcakes—gluten-free and vegan, may I remind you—are moist, sizable and full of flavor. So many treats to try, they list their sweets on the website alphabetically. Start the taste test ASAP.

Flying Apron's Macaroni and Chez.

Flying Apron also has savory options. With a considerable amount of SKUs, you must be thinking “quantity over quality.” They got both. Gluten-free noodles give carb-sinners a creamy surprise with their Macaroni n Chez ($5.45). Most people would think “I eat mac and cheese cuz it reminds me of a time when I could wear Superman whitey-tighteys and play with dinosaur toys without being teased.” Now, whether that time was 17 years ago or last week, this dish is nostalgic. But spinach wasn’t featured in that memory. The healthy green makes up about a third of this American fave. Don’t hate. This interesting element makes you feel like a grown-up. Finally.

Flying Apron's Pizza.

According to the Pizza Princess—me—Flying Apron’s Pizza ($6.95) should be considered a flatbread. Designed as artfully as their digs, the pizza is a healthy vegan and celiac’s dream. This mini pie is piled high with juicy, roasted veggie chunks: whole olives, mushrooms, zucchini and bell peppers. The substantial and costumed, creamy and luscious Cashew Ricotta welcomes all those veggies on top. She’s pretty good at impersonating proper ricotta, so give her a spin. (Oops, pardon me, I forgot you were all 11-year-old boys.) Ask whoever rings you up to heat it up a bit longer than normal. No one likes tepid pizza. And if you’re feeling all those ingredients but you want pasta, order the Lasagna ($8.75).

Flying Apron's Lasagna.

Enjoy an afternoon snack in their eclectic spot reminiscent of a trendy thrift store. From their staff to their seating, you’ll feel coolly welcomed. You can detect all the tasty tidbits that make up this cup of gravy, you’re sure to go back for seconds.

You can find a selection of their best sellers at countless coffee spots and health food stores. Check out their site for a list. 

Flying Apron | 3510 Fremont Avenue North,  Seattle  |  (206) 442-1115