Meatless Mondays: Jodee’s Un-Bakery in Greenlake

Raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free. The one take away from that laundry list of healthy: Scrumdiddliumptious.

She doesn’t market that the majority of her goods are raw because it’s freaky enough having a “bakery” that serves vegan and gluten-free sweets. Well, this little lady knows what she’s doing with her charming place in Greenlake, her seat in all the PCC Markets in town and her dreams of taking over Seattle. Jodee for Sweets Senator!

There is no subtlety in Jodee’s flavors. Butterscotch, key lime, double chocolate; the name of each dish is not misleading. You could tell the intended ingredient with your eyes shut.

If you enjoy the molten lava cake concept, you’ll dig Jodee’s Truffles. The outer shell holds a melty, tasty goo inside and the flavors will burst. The Butterscotch Pecan is so spot on it’s just wild. Anyone can enjoy this mini orb of goodness. No one would believe the wholesome ingredients she whips together to create these delicacies. Still boggles my mind, she’s a straight-up genius.

Jodee’s Pies should be renamed “Cheesecakes” because of their silky smooth texture that’s not only rich, but light. I mean how could raw, vegan, GF ingredients make something heavy? You will be satisfied without feeling shitty. Indulge away!

Jodee’s Pies.

She nailed the consistency of each pie “filling” and crust—a great balance of blend and nibble. Each bite softens in your mouth and emulates the proposed flavor beautifully. Strazzleberry? You’ll think a strawberry and raspberry had a creamy baby in your mouth. Key Lime will transport you to an island heaven. Her Double Chocolate pie is decadent and lip-lickin’ luscious. Some flavors are seasonal and each slice will run you between $5.95-$6.25. Who could truly put a price on heaven?

Jodee’s Crackers Chips.

Jodee has been slowly dipping her sweet toes in Savories. Well, not literally. She’s trying out some healthy grab-n-go items that would be perfect after a run around Greenlake or really anywhere. Her packaged Cheesy Kale Chips and Savory Crackers go perfectly as a side for your Sunflower Veggie Pate Collard Green Wrap. Hell, you could stock up on all these goodies for a whole day of sans-sorrow snacks.

Jodee’s Sunflower Pate Wrap.

You can find some of her desserts a slew of places including PCC, Madison Market and Razzi’s Pizzeria. Full list here. She also caters and takes larger orders from her fans. I’m already getting ready for her to make my birthday treats. Celebrate your un-birthday and any other day of the year at this un-bakery.

Jodee’s Sweet Treats.

Everything having to do with Jodee and her un-bakery exudes delight and passion. She is a pleasure and every dish is a treat. This health phenomenon ain’t goin’ away, so start your routine here. Who gives a hoot if her sweet tasting gravy goes against what you think should taste good? Mark my words: the newest eating evolution in humankind will start at Jodee’s.

Jodee’s Desserts | 7214 Woodlawn Ave. NE,  Seattle | (206) 525-2900