Music Madness: Ben Gibbard

After 15 solid years with Death Cab For Cutie, Gibbard steps out solo at the Showbox Market.

Ben Gibbard didn’t choose to step out and rock his solo album in search of finding himself as an individual artist after over a decade with Death Cab for Cutie, he did so to close a door. Gibbard pours his soul into these tracks, which span over 8 years of his life, revolve around 3 interchangeable relationships, and living in two very different cities. As Gibbard explains, Death Cab followed a very organized itinerary of recording albums, maybe two or three follow up tracks between time in the studio and on the road in the tour bus, but fresh ideas and life changing experiences don’t stop during those weeks in between. overtime Gibbard’s stray ideas developed into fully formulated lyrics and filled notebooks and hard drives full of thoughts turned into his breakout album Former Lives. If you love Death Cab, you won’t want to miss Gibbard’s passionate performance at the Showbox Market, with special local indie guest Damien Jurado.

When: Friday November 16, 8:00PM tickets (sold out – let the Craigslist search begin!)

[tentblogger-youtube 90ocplIH7I4]

Ben Gibbard|Friday, November 16 | Showbox Market