The Radar: Hot Diggity, Pancakes-on-a-Stick!

My Sweet Little Cakes opens on Capitol Hill.


Or “hotcakes” if you will. I just didn’t want to confuse you with the nickname your strange neighbor in apartment 4D keeps calling your girlfriend. “Hey, hotcakes!” Either way, pancakes/hotcakes on a stick is the concept behind My Sweet Little Cakes, the newest food truck — natch, trailer — to hit Seattle streets. And by trailer, I mean the bright orange beaut with the ’50s diner kitsch pictured below.

My Sweet Little Cakes/Evado PR
My Sweet Little Cakes retro trailer

Ol’ Bessie here (I’m not actually sure if the trailer is named) calls the lot at Melrose and Pine (1208 Pine Street) home with owners Jesse and Sheena Lee embracing the “soda jerk” personas behind the counter since it opened for business on Feb. 14, 2013.

My Sweet Little Cakes/Evado PR
My Sweet Little Cakes owners and soda jerks, Jesse and Sheena Lee

The Lees serve up stuffed cakes from homemade batters wrapped in orange and white pin-striped paper for on-the-go eating — street food at it’s retro-est! The menu, featuring ingenious combinations like blueberry lemon ricotta with honey lemon syrup and beer and hickory smoked bacon with maple syrup, was fine-tuned with Nami Soto, formerly of Andaluca, and is described as a “healthier alternative to fast food dining” with gluten free and vegan options available. Drool.

All pancakes are served with a dipping sauce and prices range from $5-6 for one pancake, $8-10 for two and $18 for five. Special daily offers will be posted via their Twitter and Facebook pages.

My Sweet Little Cakes opens at 7 a.m. to sate breakfast crowds (and caffeine seekers: there’s Sheena’s Hush-Hush Chai Tea which is a house-made spicy, highly caffeinated blend of ginger, cloves, cinnamon and more served with fresh steamed moo juice).

The trailer serves until 5 p.m. and stays put on Pine Street Monday through Friday though plans to join the late night hot dog vendors (cream cheese with that pancake, anyone?) outside the handful of clubs on the Hill are being considered. In the meantime you’ll also find them in front of the Neptune Theatre on show nights.

My Sweet Little Cakes | 1208 Pine Street, Seattle | (206) 265-3002