The Radar: Ethan Stowell Does It Again

Bar Cotto Facebook Bar Cotto

I’m starting to think Ethan Stowell and Tom Douglas are in some sort of secret battle in Seattle to see who can out-restaurant titan the other. Between the two there are 17 restaurants in our dear city — 11 from Douglas with a falafal house to come sometime this year near Paramount Theater and now 7 from Stowell after the opening of Bar Cotto next to Anchovies & Olives on Capitol Hill this past week.

Bar Cotto FacebookBar Cotto is Stowell’s take on a Parma-style salumi bar and pizzeria with a focus on light dining. The menu highlights the two Cs — charcuterie and cocktails — but word from the staff is: don’t miss the bruschetta.

Bar Cotto Facebook
Charcuterie at Bar Cotto

Chef duties belong to Zach Chambers, who is also the chef at Anchovies & Olives. Small plates here range from $7 to $11, “don’t-miss” bruschettas from $8 – $12 and 13-inch pizzas from $13 – $16. Bar Cotto is open daily from 4 p.m. to close.

Bar Cotto | 1546 15th Avenue, Seattle | (206) 838-8081