Brew Barons: E. Smith Mercantile Holiday Cocktail Class

Have you ever wanted to be on a cooking show where you could get some actual hands-on experience on how to make something? Well come on down to The Cellar at E. Smith Mercantile for the monthly Mixology course. Bartenders Jessie and Kat will be your instructors and will make the most intricate cocktails look Rachel Ray easy with Alton Brown panache.

For the month of December, Jessie decided to put on a Holiday Cocktails Class to keep you warm and comfy during the winter. The first drink demonstrated was a Tom and Jerry with a base of rum or brandy mixed with a splash of hot water and topped with a heaping helping of sweet and rich meringue. Next up was a version of Spanish Coffee where we used flaming over-proofed rum and sugar to caramelize the rims of our glasses! Best for last, we created a Hot Buttered Rum from scratch, melting hot water and rum together for a creamy delight!

Future Classes (monthly):

  • Seasonal wine pairings with foods
  • Infusion classes: infusing base spirits with natural flavors like vanilla and berries
  • Classic cocktails: Classic Mixology course learning cocktail creation techniques
  • 3 part class series to learn how to create classic cocktails, infusions, and homemade bitters

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About E. Smith Mercantile

“E. Smith Mercantile was born out of a desire to create a space that, more than anything feeds its community and fosters the creative growth that comes from establishing this ‘tribe’ connection.

The concept for the space mimics one of the original establishments from E. Smith’s small town of Atlanta, Idaho. Half of the space offered a mercantile for the town; dry goods with everything from ESmithBar090American made denim and leather gloves to bulk teas, coffee and candy. The other half served as a
meeting place, a bar where the people could come together and share stories, build relationships, and forget their cares.

The Back Bar is an extension of the artful life we promote with our mercantile goods. 

Inspired by the history of using alcohol as a vessel for the medicinal qualities of plants, we create seasonal herbal, fruit and floral infusions in combination with classic cocktail recipes. Not only are they a great cure for sobriety, but they taste damn fine. Our drinks and small bites are carefully sourced and artfully prepared using only the highest quality, mostly organic ingredients. We’re proud to support local suppliers whenever possible.”


Monday through Saturday 10:00 am until late and Sunday 12:00 pm until late.


Open 7 days a week starting at 3:00 pm until the people are done drinking…


Photos by E. Smith Mercantile.

E. Smith Mercantile             |             208 First Avenue S, Seattle             |            (206) 641 – 7250