Brew Barons: Mavenhal’s Bar Back for All Your Spirits and Bar Tools

With the boom of craft cocktail culture having moved beyond the simple Old Fashioned at the bar, the need for a portable cocktail tool kit has grown greater than ever. In comes Mavenhal, formerly Barkeeper & Co., who introduced the the Bartender Bag last year with enough success to launch the brand. The Bar Back is the perfect carrying case for your favorite bottles and bar tools. With six adjustable slots in a main pouch for shakers and bottles, you can safely transport your spirits and liqueurs in a stylish backpack. Going on a picnic with a cutie worth impressing? Bring along this swanky carrying case to whip up a cocktail anywhere!

961c18d689a6132e6f778dd4324a919f_originalA local Seattle bartender himself, CEO Craig Krueger designed the Bartender Bag (B-Bag) with discerning bartenders and beverage industry professionals in mind. However, he wanted to make his next product more accessible to regular consumers outside of the industry who just want a handy way to carry their cocktail gear. After receiving feedback from previous backers that the look of the B-Bag was a bit too much like “grandpa’s old duffel bag,” Krueger decided to design B-Bag v2.0 to be more affordable, gender neutral, and aesthetically appealing, especially for all the amazing female bartenders in this city and beyond.

Krueger not only wanted to make a remarkable pack, but one that reflected the spirit of his adopted home, Seattle. He brought together a team of bag makers from former producers of Eastpak and JanSport to assemble the highest quality packs possible to resist the damp Seattle weather. He also consulted with bartenders around the area to make sure the design and functionality met with the needs of people biking, busing, and even hiking. All materials are sourced from the United States and assembled in Seattle, making it a true product of the PNW.

Not only does this urban carry-all bag cozily cradle your cocktail components, it also houses a full set of tools including:

  • Stainless Steel tin
  • Tempered Mixing Glass
  • Hawthorne Strainer
  • Julep Strainer
  • Twisted Stirring Spoon
  • Jigger
  • Cherry Wood Muddler

KS Tool Photo-3The Bar Back can transform from backpack, to handbag, satchel, and messenger bag with its system of clips, hooks, and straps for however you want to tote it around town. There’s even extra room in the main compartment if you need to pack a change of clothes, as well as a padded back pocket for your laptop. Additionally, with the water resistant 1680 denier nylon will keep the weather off your cargo for your commute through the city.

The Bar Back is now live on KickStarter and you can pledge $259 to get your mitts on one of the first Bar Backs off the line (only 25 available at this reduced price) with a full set of tools to go with it! Of course, there are several smaller backer levels which get you gear that is less comprehensive in case you really like your tool set or just want to help out a great product.

SEATTLEITE REVIEW: We have two similar kits at home, but neither come close to the quality or the functionality of this Bar Back. The tools are elegant and execute their function perfectly. The bag is large enough to safely house our favorite spirits, juices, syrups, and garnishes as well anything we might want to bring while chilling out at the top of a hike near a waterfall or lookout. The layout is space efficient and easy to access. Do yourself a favor and let this mobile bar have your back.

Photos by Mavenhal.