Caviar Seattle Unveils Secret Menu

Seattle eating today is better than ever, and Caviar is ready to take that to another level. Available now, Caviar Seattle has teamed up with some of your favorite restaurants across the city to offer “secret menu” items, available only through Caviar. You can get delicious off-menu exclusives from restaurants including Poulet Galore, Mean Sandwich, Humble Pie and more, and you’ll only have to pause your Netflix binge for the time it takes you to answer the door.

If you’ve tried another delivery service and you weren’t satisfied, give Caviar a shot. Not only was our food delicious, it was delivered quickly and with exceptional service. A few of our favorites:

NY Steak Flatbread from Stout – The steak was well seasoned and the flavors worked wonderfully together. It was a mix between a taco and a flatbread pizza, and it was done to perfection.

NY Steak Flatbread from Stout

Roasted Garlic Pizza from Humble Pie – If you love garlic, this pizza is a dream. Chunks of roasted garlic dominate the pizza in the best way, and you can choose from either mushrooms or rosemary chicken sausage as a complement.

Roasted Garlic Pizza from Humble Pie

Buffalo Skins from Mean Sandwich – These seemed like they would be so simple, but the flavors were anything but. This dish is Mean Sandwich’s “Skins and Ins” with a special twist: buffalo sauce, white sauce, fried onions, and chives. Order. These.

Secret Buffalo Skins from Mean Sandwich
Secret Buffalo Skins from Mean Sandwich

Some of the other items you can find on the secret menu include:

Fried Chicken Sandwich from Poulet Galore – not your typical fried chicken sandwich, this one is served with free range dark meat chicken—fried in a spicy buttermilk coat—topped with habanero hot sauce, red cabbage slaw, crispy chicken skins and pickle relish.

Secret-Spicy-Chicken-Milanesa-Torta-from-Barrio-for-Caviar-630x427 (1)
Fried Chicken Sandwich from Poulet Galore

Spicy Chicken Milanesa Torta from Barrio – Featuring buttermilk fried chicken, chipotle bacon, ranch, shredded lettuce, fresh tomato, guacamole, and pickled jalapenos on a ciabatta roll, served with your choice fries or a side salad.

Head Lion Fried Rice from Lionhead – Lionhead’s signature fried rice is wok tossed with duck, Chinese bacon, Maitake mushrooms, yams, pickled mustard greens, egg, crispy garlic, XO sauce, and topped with crispy chicken skin.

La Bamba Burger or Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from Feed Co. Burgers – Not available in store, these tempting sandwiches feature either deep fried chicken drenched in Franks red hot sauce, lettuce, celery blue cheese dressing, and pickled onion, or a chorizo burger patty topped with avocado spread, pico de gallo, jack cheese, fried egg, all served atop a brioche bun.

The Raindrop Roll from Japonessa – This show stopper features wild Alaskan Snow Crab wrapped with seared Atlantic King Salmon and drizzled with coconut mango glaze, teriyaki, and raspberry soy glaze, garnished with toasted coconut flakes and tobiko.

Find the full menu here: to give it a try!

Photos by Caviar.