Washington Cider Week Starts September 10

The Northwest Cider Association’s (NWCA) 10th annual Washington Cider Week is September 10-20 (yes, that’s longer than a week, but what is a week anymore anyways?). As with most events in 2020, things will look different from previous years for this year’s celebration.

WA Cider Week has always been about showcasing the spirit of Washington cider makers and the community that surrounds them. Now more than ever, that connection and cider sales are needed. WA Cider Week offers the opportunity to provide some much-needed support to cider makers during this incredibly challenging time.

Photo credit: Jordan Fox/Rabbit Hole Photo

To meet the demands of 2020, WA Cider Week has moved to a virtual platform. From pizza pairings, to cooking classes, to beautiful open-air orchard tours (that one isn’t virtual), there are a variety of events for cider lovers to choose from. See the full event list here. If you are looking for some guidance, these ones caught our eye:

Zeek’s Pizza Pairing with Snowdrift Cider Co.: Available September 10 to 20

Steel Wheel Farm is a first generation, family farm run by husband and wife team Ryan and Kim Lichttenegger; it is also the farm that supplies the heirloom tomatoes for Zeek’s Heirloom Pizzas. The pizza is simple, with just a virgin olive oil glaze on all of them, and two of the three pies only have three toppings, keeping the tomatoes as the star of the show.

Zeek’s is offering crowler fills of Snowdrift Cider Co.’s Solidarity, as well as Double Mountain’s Perry and Tieton’s Apricot and Rambling Route. We recently stopped by Zeek’s to pick up the new heirloom pizza to go, along with a crowler of the Snwodrift Cider Co. and Double Mountain ciders. The pizza and cider pairing is a flavor explosion, with both highlighting the ripe ingredients of summer they each showcase. There is a great backstory that comes with the Solidarity cider pairing.

Photo credit: Union Hill Cider Co.

Union Hill Cider Co. Cidery Tours and Specials: Saturday, September 12 and 19 from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Union Hill Cider Co. is celebrating WA Cider Week by offering a tour of their processing facility followed by special selected cider and food pairing. The tour will include a showing of their facility, where guests will get to see each step of their cider-making process, hear some great stories about their history, and have a Q&A with cider makers. And the end of the tour, guests will receive two special selected bottles with a charcuterie pairing plate to share! Tickets are $20 for one and $35 for two.

See all Washington Cider Week events here.