5th Annual Cider Taste Fundraiser benefiting the 2016 harvest.

City Fruit is hosting their annual Cider Taste Fundraiser on Thursday, November 12th. City Fruit is a Seattle non-profit that promotes the cultivation of urban fruit to nourish people, build community, and protect the climate. Urban fruit trees are all over Seattle, but the fruit often goes unused because people don’t know when to harvest or how to use it. City Fruit is reclaiming the “urban orchard” by showing people how to harvest what they need and to share the rest with others.

We recommend regular periodic doses.

The Callahans have been in the cider business for a year, practically making them veterans in the exploding field of cider. This couple wants to make drinkable beverages—not novelty items that just sit in the fridge for people to chuckle over at dinner parties—ciders that are not overly sweet and have character. Brian and Christina have been re-imagining and revamping themselves from their wine making and catering days, creating a posh brew pub. Some updates include a freshly scoured and