A toast to the Auction of Washington Wine’s 25th anniversary with Chateau Ste. Michelle and Tulalip Casino’s cuisine.

25 years is a long time to do, well, anything. Not many can attest to having committed to much for the better part of two and a half decades – Washington state has one of the highest divorce rates in the country, according to the

Australian Semillon proves it’s not just a blending grape and they’re not just the land down under.

Australia often times gets a bad rap. They like Paris Hilton a little too much, they honor the British monarchy, Fosters Beer isn’t really made there and Vegemite is upsetting. But don’t sell them short and do look behind the curtain, there is more wonder to Oz than one might imagine.

Down-home Tuscan cooking with a touch of Washington white wine charm.

If you don’t remember, the summer of 2009 was hot. You bought your first real six-string at the five and dime, you were sweating and whining about the heat like most Seattleites naturally do all the while the grapes in the vineyards of the Pacific Northwest were getting fat and tan, with sugars inside the fruit and bronzing skin on the outside.