Mix, mingle and unwind for a happy hour – or two – in Woodinville’s wine country.

Our guess is that since you’re reading this, you love wine just as much as we do. So may we suggest that when the next happy hour gathering rolls around, you head on over to Woodinville wine country and treat yourself to a special happy hour that focuses on one of your favorite things, wine.

Say sayonara to the winter blues and get your spring on while attending these area wine events.

Spring is a lovely time of year to taste wine. Wait. I stand corrected. Any time of year is a lovely time to taste wine, especially here in the Northwest. But spring tasting is an excellent opportunity to taste and experience some of the new releases on the market.

Seattleite’s new bi-weekly column is sure to tempt your wine palate and beyond.

Welcome to Wine’ing About, Seattleite’s new wine column. My name is Christie and I’ll be your bi-weekly tour guide as I bring you, dear vino loving reader, the skinny on all things wine. From profiling winemakers, to wine gadgets to places to visit and discover great wines, I’ll unearth it all as I go Wine’ing About.

Lunch in high fashion at the Georgian, paired with lip-smacking sauvignon blanc.

Fancy is often embellished as a synonym for expensive. Although this is certainly the case in many circumstances, fancy isn’t too shabbily priced out for food and drink at the glamorous Fairmont Olympic Hotel downtown. While residing within the delicately papered walls lit by intricately assembled chandeliers might come at a steeper sum, indulging in your epicurean passions does not.

Racy Washington white wines love their rich, white fish at Sitka & Spruce.

There’s something special to be said about Pacific Northwesterners and their fish. We’re scathing when it comes to salmon, we spurn crab from outside of our realm and we don’t like to buy halibut unless it’s lewdly expensive. And our wine? Pff, if it’s not from Washington (exception being Pinot)