Meatless Mondays: Cyber-Dogs

Come to Cyber-Dogs. Mama Tatiana will take care of you.

Don’t be put off by the strange name and questionable location, Cyber-Dogs in Downtown Seattle is surprisingly inviting. Owner “Mama” Tatiana will make you feel like part of the Cyber Dogs family.

The eclectic nature of the cozy spot and her engaging personality are a little intense at first, but take a seat and enjoy the ride. Mama spoon-fed us her chili and sauce for the Doggie Lama at the start of the meal, and the nostalgia of being a kid continued with a Laffy Taffy on the side of each dog.  She’ll even confess the song she’s paired with each of her entrees. Usually a dish is paired with a libation, at this place you get a song. Let’s get this party doggone started.

Cyber Dogs Tuna Melt

Because Mama kept raving about her Tuna Melt ($7.95), I had to ensure it was truly vegan. I mean, come on. Vegan tuna? Let’s be for real. I was a wee bit terrified. What I learned: Always trust your Mama. Just as she claimed, the Tuna Melt would knock my mismatched socks right off. This became an instant favorite because of its creamy texture and crunchy surprises of celery and cashews. But she can’t fool us. Just because there are fresh slices of avocado and cherry tomatoes displayed beautifully on top, does not make this dish delicate. You’ll be shoving spoonfuls of that faux fish and whatever-the-hell-else in your mouth until you realize you can’t have any more. Mama will be there to wipe your face afterward.

Cyber Dogs Mama Tatiana & Red Hot Bayou

Mama’s namesake dog, the Mama Tatiana ($7.95), was as flavorful and confident as she. Full of spices but not spicy, this dog was moist and tender with bites of marinated artichoke hears, roasted tomatoes and Italian “sausage.” Topped with her homemade cashew cheese, thang thang was legit. Oh, and who could forget the vitamins it comes with? She asks you—then decides what would be best—what kind of Emergen-C flavor you want with your meal and brings you a chalice of the healthy water. And another Laffy Taffy.

If you order the Chocolate Mousse ($2.65), Mama Tatiana will ask to see your ID. The creamy vegan dessert has “spirits” and tastes almost identical to its dairy-packed counterpart. Distinct layers of flavor are topped with blanched almonds—adding a nice texture to the petite portion. Try this out for a sexy ending to your meal. If your dining bud is in fact just a bud, cut the tension by reading a joke from that Laffy Taffy on the table.

Some of the dishes—one being Red Hot Bayou—have a bite to them. I’m a weenie when it comes to spicy, I like to think it’s because I’m zesty enough as it is. But Mama don’t play. Order a beer from her fridge to help cool you off.

Cyber-Dog’s full cup of gravy is bursting with surprises and hints of intensity. No stifled recipes here; you can really taste Mama’s love. Now go return the favor and wish her restaurant a Happy 10th birthday on April 1st! I’m sure she could match a dog to that tune.

 Cyber-Dogs | 909 Pike (Convention Center),  Seattle  |  (206) 405-3647