When bathing suit season rolls around some of us need all the motivation we can get to make sure we stick to our “get in shape” commitments. This is what makes wearable technology a hit. By tracking things like the number of steps you take each day, your calorie intake, and even your sleeping patterns, activity tracking wristbands can play a big role in how you approach everyday fitness – and Seattleite are all over it.

(Update: Offered UP is now called Snap Scout.)

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Banner blindness, we all suffer from it. It’s when we visit a website and consciously or subconsciously ignore the banner ads. Why should we pay attention to them anyways? The ads aren’t always relevant to what we came to the site for and they often rudely interrupt us while we’re reading. So, what now?

Unlock the front door, turn on the lights, set your wake-up alarm, and even get some tea ready before you get home – all from your smartphone.

A few months ago I got invited by AT&T to come hang out at a house in Capitol Hill. The house belonged to one of their marketing executives. It was a pretty modest looking house situated on a narrow windy street in the neighborhood. There would probably be cheese and wine. What I didn’t expect was MTV Cribs style tour on high-speed internet.