This versatile, exotic species can be used to make lovely household wares.

Did you know that there is an edible species of banana grown specifically to make textiles? The fibers from leaves of the Abaca tree, native to the Philippine archipelago, may be woven on looms into a variety of home decor accessories. Considered one of Seattle’s most eclectic mercantile locations, Bitters Co. has imported these decorative treats from the island of Mindinao and now offers them to mainland dwellers for a very affordable price.

Seattle’s Thom Jones explains the sustainable approach that defines his company.

Founded in 2002, A Semigood Company has earned a reputation as one of the finest, most conscientious furniture providers in Seattle. The company’s philosophy is simple: consumers deserve the best when it comes to home furnishings. For this reason, Semigood not only offers quality, handmade furniture but also guarantees that their pieces are manufactured under the most sustainable, eco-friendly conditions.

Reinventing the winery, after more than two decades in the design business.

When Joe Chauncey founded Boxwood Designs in 1989, the vision he had for his Portland venture was simple and specific: a design firm that delivered desirable aesthetics and sustainability in equal measure. Eventually, Chauncey crossed the Columbia to take part in Seattle’s blooming sustainable architecture market.

A shoreside campus where students construct massive wooden vessels from scratch.

Here is a question for those who frequent the waterfront: have you ever wondered how the wooden boats are built, or who builds them? No, not the canoe waiting to be sanded on a couple of sawhorses in your garage — large-scale seagoing vessels from industry innovators like Nathanael Herreshoff, Chris-Craft and Howard Chappelle.