Ladies & Gentlemen Studio releases a new design that borrows from old-school home furnishings.

Brass table lamps should be familiar to anyone aged 25-40 that has spent significant time at their grandparents’ home. These antiquated relics were fixtures of our collective generation’s childhood, right along with floral print couches and popcorn ceilings. What, did you think your Nana had the only one?

Perfect in any room, Two’s Company’s new design is now available for on-line shoppers.

Ladies: You’ve paid a lot for those gorgeous necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. So why relegate them to a box in the top drawer of your dresser? You should show off your bling for everyone to see. Thanks to the beautiful Branches Jewelry Holder from Two’s Company, your display can be stylish, as well.

This Belltown office supplier is chock-full of folders, covers and writing utensils – and there isn’t a dull one in the whole bunch.

It’s hard to walk by Paperhaus on First Avenue and not gawk at the modular desk sets, ultramodern furniture, stylish personal accessories and vast collection of hand-held implements. With design and functionality in mind, Seattleite picked some of our favorite pieces to complement your office space, whether it’s downtown or in your guest bedroom.

Seattle Stair & Design is led by homegrown innovator Shawn Christman.

Most people take staircases, steps, rails and bannisters for granted. We go up and we go down, without taking much notice of things like materials or aesthetic.

Seattle’s own Shawn Christman has a different eye for this sort of thing. He founded Seattle Stair & Design in 1978. Since then, the company has designed some of the most elegant stairways in the city — and abroad.

A local furniture favorite makes the move from SoDo to First Avenue.

Jim Newsom, founder and owner of Urban Hardwoods, knows a thing or two about local timber. For the past 15 years, his company has created gorgeous furniture using native tree species native of the Pacific Northwest. Last month, the company’s new brick-and-mortar location – a 6,600-square-foot showroom located in the heart of Belltown – opened its doors, and Newsom couldn’t be more thrilled.

New Italian furniture design lets owners choose the look that is right for their living room.

If you are looking to fill the space left behind by your previous sofa, there are several options available to you. You might choose a traditional couch, an angled seating arrangement or a pair of matching recliners – the possibilities are many. Or, if you’re the indecisive type, a new SOSIA sofa might be just what you need. 

Forgo the spring cleaning projects this weekend and visit these trendy Ballard establishments instead.

Check out Ketch on Ballard Ave. Photo: Erik Simkins

Boutiques are certainly nothing new to Seattle, but if you desire to make a day of it without roaming from neighborhood to neighborhood, all the while fighting fellow Seattleites for a parking space, your options are somewhat limited.