West Seattle vendors bundle up to bring you fresh, local grub for the holiday table.

Winter is here and many of Seattle’s farmers markets have shut down for the season — most of them, anyway.  This week, the resilient vendors of the West Seattle Farmers Market will brave the cold to bring you fresh, flavorful fare one last time before the holidays get into full swing.

These easy-to-follow recipes will be a pre-dinner hit at any Turkey Day gathering.

Let’s get one thing straight: I’m no chef, unless microwaveable popcorn counts toward culinary competency. So, when I was challenged to test out holiday appetizers from Demitri’s All Natural Bloody Mary Seasoning and Maryhill Wines, I initially balked. Luckily, these simple holiday recipes are nearly foolproof, thanks to local products that use full-bodied flavor profiles to complement the seasonal ingredients.