If you’re looking for Indian food, Shanik is the real deal. And the real deal happens to be very vegan friendly.

As owner, Meeru Dhalwala candidly explains, you will never feel like a moron when you walk into her restaurant. Unless of course you’re acting like a moron (and dietary choices or restrictions certainly are not on her list of things that qualify someone as a moron). Having been vegetarian for

Tastes of summer at a water-themed extravaganza

In need of some sunny news? Even though we might feel dubious about it at present, boating season will return and, when it finally does arrive, we best be prepared. Lucky for us, the 66th Annual Seattle Boat Show, Indoors + Afloat opens this Friday the 25th at 11 a.m., giving plenty of reasons to daydream of carefree days gliding atop Seattle’s waterways.

All the kinks of the Veggie Grill chain have surely been ironed out. Seattle welcomes you warmly.

With ten already established restaurants bearing the same name outside of Washington, Veggie Grill had to be sure its introduction to Seattle was flawless. South Lake Union was the first honored host ‘hood and what a strategic move, indeed. Its modern feel, bright service and full menu offer the SLU crowd

South Lake Union welcomes a deliciously delectable eatery to the neighborhood.

La Toscanella opened its doors last month, specializing in Italian pastries and desserts, coffee, and sandwiches. Utilizing European ingredients to create a satisfying, yet light menu, this bakery serves artisan pastries and sweets, as well as full menu of savory items, including egg skillets, salads, soups, paninis, quiches, and baked to order pasta dishes.

Experience the world through contemporary dance.

Every year, Seattleites congregate to take part in the Seattle International Dance Festival (SIDF), Beyond the Threshold — an contemporary arts event that lights up the Emerald City.  The SIDF is a ten-day merriment that highlights dance and art in Seattle with workshops and performances by international, national and local dancers.