A second Serious Pie location and daytime biscuit sandwiches.

In this edition of Food Porn, we feature South Lake Union’s Serious Pie and Serious Biscuit, located on Westlake Ave. Serious Biscuit is housed in the downstairs portion of the restaurant during breakfast and lunch hours and becomes seating for Serious Pie in the evening. This opens up much more space to enjoy some seriously good pizza. 

South Lake Union welcomes a deliciously delectable eatery to the neighborhood.

La Toscanella opened its doors last month, specializing in Italian pastries and desserts, coffee, and sandwiches. Utilizing European ingredients to create a satisfying, yet light menu, this bakery serves artisan pastries and sweets, as well as full menu of savory items, including egg skillets, salads, soups, paninis, quiches, and baked to order pasta dishes.